#21: Gnocchi With Crabmeat And Mushrooms @ Tujague’s

When the ancient (1856) restaurant Tujague’s updated itself in 2013, one of the dishes on the new menu was something so superb that customers who had it as an appetizer often asked to have a bigger plate of it as an entree. The gnocchi are made in house with a very deft hand. The texture is perfect. So is the sauce that connects it with the other elements on the place. The crabmeat is a no-brainer, but the wild mushrooms are another matter. The dish harks back to the day when Tujague’s neighborhood was mostly Italian.

Gnocchi with crabmeat and mushrooms.

Gnocchi with crabmeat and mushrooms.

Tujague’s. French Quarter: 823 Decatur. 504-525-8676.

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