DiningDiarySquare-150x150 Saturday, November 5, 2017.I have a three-hour radio show for a change. The subjects run all over the place, which is the best dynamic for a call-in program.

I am hungry. The Marys are hard at work on a project on the house. All of a sudden, MA is enthusiastic about cleaning the front deck, using a high-pressure maching to do rthe job. ML is helping out, as the only serious carpenter in the family at the moment.

At sunset, ML abandons us for an evening spent with some of her cousins of the same age. This leaves MA and I to have dinner. It also saddles us with ML’s dog, who always comes cross the lake so he can go swimming and then to get tied up in a restaurant while the human participants find a pet-tolerant restaurant. We wind up at Forks and Corks. Upon arrival, we get a table on the front patio, where we can tie the pooch up so he can be in the open but not free roving.

Forks and Corks continues to improve. Today we begin with something they call firecracker oysters. These are fried, then topped with lumps of blue cheese and a spicy sauce. Kind of like Buffalo chicken wings, but with oysters in lieu of chicken. One bite tells me I have tried this before. But I do like it enough to have it again.

That’s almost big enough to make into an entree, and that’s what I do. The other food for me is an interesting vegetable soup with a large variety of ingredients.

We were not long into this dinner when the mosquitoes start working on us. We adjourn into the main dining room, where I am greeted by a guy who was with us on our first Eat Club cruise.

MA and I have a pleasant conversation through the remainder of the dinner. The dog sleeps in the car–it’s dark now, so that’s no problem.

Forks & Corks. Covington: 141 TerraBella Blvd. 985-273-3663.

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