Commander’s Palace

Every year, this perennial pick as the best restaurant in New Orleans invents not only the dishes that will be in its Reveillon menu, but completely recreates the entire format of the dinner. Example: last year’s dinner of eight courses was $110. This year’s is $90 for six courses. That represents more of a change than the numbers alone suggest. The result is a terrific menu even for those who came last year.

Getting a reservation around Christmas and New Year’s is very difficult even for regulars of the restaurant. But in the gap between the two holidays opens a few tables. And they might continue the Reveillon menu for a shade during the first week or two of January. Hence this recommendation.

Six courses, $90

Reveillon Salad
Christmas lettuce and watercress with honey roasted chestnuts, Louisiana citrus, grilled sweet onions, triple cream brie, and spiced pecans

Foie Gras and Ginger Snap Parfait
Foie gras ice cream layered in ginger snap tuilles with chopped nuts, candied fruit, spiced rum, and sugarcane-cured foie gras

Potato-Crusted Flounder with Redfish Brandade
Butter roasted baby artichokes, Ponchatoula red beans, pickled pork, and a velouté of roasted winter squash

Dry Aged Duck Breast with Black Rice
Foie gras financière, sugar plums, foie gras ganache, duck jus rôti, and shaved oregon black truffles

Dark Chocolate Flan
Reduction of California Cabernet and European chocolate with pecan nougatine, ruby red grapefruit, and white chocolate

Commander’s Palace, Garden District: 1403 Washington Ave. 504-899-8221.
We’ll feature a reveillon menu every day throughout the Reveillon season, which runs in most of the Reveillon restaurants until December 31.The snowflake ratings are for the Reveillon menu, not the restaurant in general.