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DiningDiarySquare-150x150 Diary 9/28/2018: I like solo better when singing than when I’m dining. The Marys prefer it the other way around, in which they get to travel somewhere. They are doing that in Washington D.C., where Mary Ann is celebrating her co-middle sister’s sixtieth birthday. My reward for staying behind at the Cool Water Ranch–aside from serving as a free, full-time kennel–is catching up on my work. That worked for me for a long time, but I find in my slowing days that the challenges of the present are growing. And many of the activities in my off hours aren’t what they used to be.

I had a feeling that there might be heavy rain on my way back across the Causeway. So I had dinner at Andrea’s, which makes it easy to keep track of the weather. Besides, Andrea wanted me to sing a couple of tunes with his regular Friday-night musician, an attractive woman who sings along with her smart phone. That’s actually a good idea, because she can keep all her lyrics straight.

I ate my supper before getting down to warbling. I began with a big plate of salumi, chilled marinated vegetables, and cheeses. I could almost fill yself with this alone. But instead I moved on a Friday entree special. Chef Andrea has bragged for many years about a dish called red snapper “aqua pazzo”–“crazy water”. This is a pan-seared fish of good quality with a brothy kind of sauce. Not much butter or other fats. I think it could use more flavor, particularly in the pepper department.

That’s when the chef recuited me for the bar and its singer. She and I did a duet on “I Only Have Eyes For You”–a personal favorite for both of us.

By this time it was clear that the weather on the lake was not as challenging as it was a few hours ago. I made a run for it.

Saturday, 06/28/2018: Nothing Going at Home. The report from the Marys is that MA’s sister did not expect the birthday celebration that will come in a day or two. In between, they are visiting restaurants, shopping, and indulging in girl society.

Meanwhile, I have plenty to do at the Ranch. Most of it is as boring as this: “I placed an order for #9 envelopes for return messages at Office Depot. More interesting were the three hours I spent from noon till three, as per me regular Saturday radio gig on WWL, the Big 870. This is the best show I do all week, with a substantially different group of listeners and callers.

Mary Ann was trying to set me up with a dinner partner to help me have a more interesting Saturday evening. But we (especially I) always wait too long before trying to arrange the call. So I wind up alone again, naturally. However, there’s a good side to this. Skipping lunch and maybe even dinner after a modest breakfast can get me through the day without having to eat any more. This is largely how I lost eighty pounds over three or four years. It doesn’t leave me hungry, either.

And if the Office Depot plan sounds dreary, today I also spent hours updating the mailing list for the New Orleans Menu Daily.

And some people think I live a glamorous life!

Andrea’s. Metairie: 3100 19th St. 504-834-8583.

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