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DiningDiarySquare-150x150 Diary: Tuesday, 7/10/2018. The Sibling Girls. My little sister Lynn called a couple of weeks ago to suggest that she and I and our our sisters Karen and Judy get together to celebrate Karen’s birthday. It was clearly a good idea, as we saw after one of us took a good photograph of the four. It has been a long time since we last were together purposefully.

For obvious reasons, I was asked to choose the restaurant. I suggested Café Adelaide. It’s a block away from the radio station, so I will be able to stay for most of the afternoon. The prices are tolerable, it’s close to the main stream, and served local food.

What I didn’t know was that Café Adelaide was making news that day. The branch of the Brennan family that owns Commander’s Palace also manages Café Adelaide. It announced–while we were still there dining!–that they will cease service at Café Adelaide on August 4. The Loews Hotel, where Café Adelaide is located, will take over the restaurant and bar operations.

My sisters and I knew nothing about all this. We settled in for lunch, most of us getting the two-course lunch combo, and updated one another. The only thing that seemed any different from previous lunches here was that the service personnel seemed to be moving very slowly the whole time we were there.

The food was reasonably decent otherwise. I started with an elegant white bean soup, and followed it with a quartet of “hand pies,” made mostly of lamb. My sisters ate salads with shrimp, if I remember right. We took pictures of one another. Judy is our senior sib, but as always she is easily the best-looking of the four of us, despite being well into her seventies.

A few days later I got an email from the PR lady for the Brennans about the Café Adelaide changes. Seems that the contract for the space had ended, and that the Brennans were moving on to other endeavors. No word as to what those were, other than that the chef and other key Café Adelaide staff would stay with the Brennans.