Bahn Mi Sandwiches @ Dong Phuong

Few ethnic dishes have come so far from obscurity to popularity as quickly as banh mi. It’s a sandwich that in these parts is usually called a Vietnamese poor boy. The shape and the bread are close to identical to the local sandwich, but the fillings are different. The meats are offbeat, the sauces are peppery, and the greens are wildly various. BahnMiThe improbably low prices prices are also delightfully different. Dong Phuong bakes the bread in house, and supply a lot of other Vietnamese restaurants with it. The bread is so good that you could eat it as is, hot out of the oven, and love it. The word “bahn mi” means “bread,” but the common connotation is the sandwich.

Dong Phuong. New Orleans East: 14207 Chef Menteur Hwy. 504-254-0214 .

This dish is ranked #184 in NOMenu’s list of the 500 best dishes in New Orleans restaurants.

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