Barbecue Oysters @ Middendorf’s

The name suggests something like Drago’s famous grilled oysters, but this is a dish unique to Middendorf’s. The oysters are baked on the shells, after being topped with a thick, reddish-brown sauce whose flavor components are all but impossible to discern. It’s savory and aromatic like a steak sauce, peppery like barbecue sauce, and has a curious texture. If you get a half-dozen of these, you’ll wish you’d asked for another six. A decided sleeper on the menu of this great old catfish house in the marshes.


Middendorf’s. River Parishes: Exit 15 off I-55, Manchac. 985-386-6666.

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  1. Ell on February 14, 2017

    The place with the best bbq’d oysters is supposed to be the Redfish Grill, when I clicked on it the site showed Middendorfs.