500BestSquareBarbecue Shrimp @ Ye Olde College Inn

The College Inn is in culinary heights never before reached in the long history of the Carrollton eatery. Nowhere is this more in evidence than in it’s version of barbecue shrimp. They’re made made in Emeril’s style, with the shrimp peeled. The shells and heads were used to make an intense shrimp stock. Butter is emulsified in to give a thick, almost creamy sauce with a great shrimp flavor and the butter and black pepper for which the dish is known. For ten bucks you get four big shrimp (so the menu pricing is also of a new age), along with four sticks of toasted French bread and enough of the sauce for all four of them. (It is well-known that French bread dipped in barbecue shrimp sauce is at least as good as the shrimp themselves.) Superb. Right on.


Ye Olde College Inn. Uptown 4: Riverbend, Carrollton & Broadmoor: 3016 S Carrollton Ave. 504-866-3683.

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  1. Carlo C. Christina on September 22, 2015

    Speaking of shrimp, I think the barbeque shrimp at Bistro Orleans is excellent.

    I will host a luncheon for 20 friends next week at the Bistro Orleans. My invitations included the new address on West Esplanade Ave., but noticed that you still list the old address on Houma Blvd. Any chance that you can make this change soon, otherwise some might go to Houma Blvd. Thanks, C C C

    Done. Thanks for catching that out-of-date page.