500BestSquareBoiled Shrimp & Crabs @ Galley Seafood

Boiled seafood is a tremendous pleasure–but only when you can eat it hot, and when the crustacean in question is in season. There’s certainly nothing like crawfish in May or crabs in July. The Galley is my favorite place for boiled seafood, because every time I’ve ordered any boiled seafood here, it came out steaming. Somehow, the Galley seems to have boiled crabs to sell not only during the standard summer season, but often well out of season. (Like now.) The only problem with trying to eat here is that it’s become overwhelmingly popular. Nor will they arrange take-outs of their boiled seafood. But that’s what happens when a restaurant stands out in its field.

Boiled crabs.

Boiled crabs.

Galley Seafood. Old Metairie: 2535 Metairie Rd.. 504-832-0955.

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