500BestSquareBread Pudding Fitzmorris @ Arnaud’s

Full disclosure: (and you have every reason to be suspicious): this is named for me. I praised this unusual version of New Orleans’s favorite dessert so many times in so many places that Arnaud’s proprietor Archie Casbarian finally stuck my name on it about fifteen years ago. It’s not my recipe, although I wish I could claim it. The bread is layered, with thick strata of custard running through it, and thinner stripes of cinnamon. The sauce is just sweet and alcoholic enough to work, and the cube they bring you is just slightly too large to finish. I get it every time I go to Arnaud’s, and not for the ego imperative.


However, the rule for namesake dishes at Arnaud’s says that of the dish stops selling, it will be unceremoniously yanked from the menu, no matter how good a friend the namesake may be. But with bread pudding, I think its continuing appearance on Arnaud’s dessert menu is assured.

Arnaud’s. French Quarter: 813 Bienville. 504-523-5433.

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