500BestSquareBucatini Amatriciana @ Ristorante Del Porto

One of the most famous of Roman dishes is this lusty concoction. Nobody does it better in these parts than Del Porto. It starts with the thickest spaghetti there is (bucatini also qualifies as the thinnest macaroni, since it has a small hole running throughout). The sauce is made with tomato, onions, and guanciale–cured hog’s jowl. Guanciale tastes enough like bacon that you may think that’s what it is. Shave Romano cheese over the top, and you have a great appetizer (recommended) or entree.

Pasta Amatriciana with bacon and tomato sauce

amariciana style fetuccini with bacon and tomato sauce on white bowl

Ristorante Del Porto. Covington: 501 E Boston St. 985-875-1006.

This dish is ranked #170 in NOMenu’s list of the 500 best dishes in New Orleans restaurants.

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