Cafe Brulot @ Arnaud’s

500BestSquareCafe Brulot @ Arnaud’s

Cafe brulot diabolique (“the burning coffee of the devil”) was made popular at and possibly even created by Antoine’s. However, every restaurant with even a touch of local culinary tradition serves it. It begins with aromatic spices, sugar, orange juice and oil from the orange peel, and brandy. The latter is set aflame. At Arnaud’s–which brings cafe brulot to the apex–the flames climb up the coiled skin of the orange, studded with cloves. It makes the whole dining room smell good. The coffee is poured in to douse the flames, and the resulting potion is served as a hot after-dinner drink. Wonderful at Christmastime especially, but a celebration all the rest of the year.

Cafe Brulot @ Arnaud's.

Cafe Brulot @ Arnaud’s.

Arnaud’s. French Quarter: 813 Bienville. 504-523-5433.

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