500BestSquareChicken Grande @ Mosca’s

Chicken is one of the high points of the menu at Mosca’s, with that bird (and sometimes others) cooked several ways. I find them about equally good–very, very–but this one is the most offbeat. They cut the chicken into smaller pieces than the Colonel would, and roast it in a pan with olive oil, potatoes, mushrooms, rosemary, and a tremendous amount of garlic. I think there’s a bit of white wine in there, too. You get a whole chicken, or close to it; a single order of chicken grande is more than enough for one person, anyway. It tastes as good as it smells: irresistible.

Chicken grandee at Mosca's.

Chicken grandee at Mosca’s.

Mosca’s. Westwego: 4137 U.S. 90. 504-436-9942.

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