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The Byblos Market is a grocery store operated by the owners of the two Byblos restaurants, the class acts in the Lebanese category. However, even at the restaurants (and most Lebanese restaurants), chicken shawarma is not prepared in the classic way. Which is to roast chickens, cut them into slices of maximum size, and stack the slices on a vertical rotisserie. The chef slices downward, getting crescent-shaped pieces about two or three inches long and an inch or so wide, each with a crusty edge.

Chicken Shawarma

They serve up a platter of this with hummus, a salad and a beguiling, fluffy garlic sauce. On a plastic plate, I’m afraid, with plastic utensils. No matter. This is scrumptious food, and my nominee for best fast food in New Orleans. (You can be in an out of the place in fifteen minutes.) Warning: even though this is well below ten dollars, it will fill you up.

Byblos Market. Metairie: 2020 Veterans Blvd.. 504-837-9777.

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  1. RICK GEYER on July 8, 2015

    TOM, your article was a great remembrance of the BALI HAI. The only comment I would make is back in the late 1960s PORT OF CALL on Esplanade also had a lot of drinks with Tequila and Rum plus fruit juices and Grenadine syrup. They were also very lethal. Regards, Rick Geyer