500BestSquareChili Paneer @ Taj Mahal

Paneer is a light, fresh cow’s-milk cheese made in house by all self-respecting Indian restaurants. It’s like a drier, firmer version of Creole cream cheese. For this and other dishes, it’s cut into cubes, then seared in the tandoor until lightly browned at the edges. It’s served with a very hot sauce of red chili peppers. It makes a great appetizer, especially if your taste runs to very hot dishes. The cheese helps the peppers go down and eases the attack on your system. Somewhat. This is a dish for those who really love a good pepper burn from their exotic food. I’m there.

Dining room at Nirvana.

Dining room at Nirvana.

Taj Mahal. Old Metairie: 923-C Metairie Rd. 504-836-6859.

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