500BestSquareChirashi Sushi @ Megumi

Chirashi means “scattered,” and it’s an interesting variant on sushi. All the rice is pressed into the bottom of a deep rectangular dish, and topped with tobiko caviar or bonito flakes. An assortment of fish, cut in the sashimi style, goes over the top of the rice. In the standard chirashi assortment, there’s three or four kinds of fish, shrimp, squid, and small wedges of the sweetened, cold Japanese omelette. Here, all the fish come out in a separate dish that fits into the top of the rice dish. That not only makes it much easier to eat, but also gives room for bigger pieces of better fish–and they take advantage of the opportunity. (If anything, the slices of fish here are too big.) As for the omelette, they crumble it up and scatter it atop the rice–a better place for it. It’s more expensive than chirashi in most places, but at least twice as good as any other I’ve had.


Megumi. Mandeville: 4700 Hwy 22. 985-845-1644.

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