500BestSquareChoriqueso @ La Carreta

This is a big, rich Tex-Mex appetizer I’ve seen under many names over the years. The name they use at La Carreta is just “chorizo” and “queso” shoved together. So, Mexican hot sausage, broken up and stirred into hot, thick, liquefied cheese. They serve this with a pile of flour tortillas and pico de gallo. You could scoop it up, but I find it better spooned into one of the tortillas then rolled up. It’s a cheap thrill, but a thrill nevertheless. Great with a cold Negro Modelo.

Choriqueso would be good in an omelette.

Choriqueso would be good in an omelette.

La Carreta. Mandeville: 1200 W Causeway Approach. 985-624-2990.

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