Best Coatings For Fried Seafood?


Sambo asks: What was the most common coating for fried fish at the great casual seafood joints like Bruning’s, Bozo’s, and Sam’s Place? Was it flour, corn flour, cornmeal, or some combination?

A. Tom sez: A more universal question would be what were the most common coatings in fried seafood specialists. I’m sure everybody did it a little differently. Bruning’s was a flour-coater. Casamento’s does corn meal. Many restaurants use a variety. I personally think cornmeal is best for oysters and catfish, flour for trout and soft-shell crabs, and bread crumbs for flounder. A common concoction for coating fried food was called “cream meal,” a blend of cornmeal and corn flour. Barrow’s Shady Inn–probably the best fried catfish emporium in New Orleans history–used that on its catfish, to superlative effect. But none of this is set in stone. And it’s all made more difficult by the fact that Barrow’s and its owner are both gone.

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