500BestSquareCoffee-Marinated Rack Of Lamb @ Latil’s Landing

The idea of dusting a roast of meat with finely-ground coffee might not sound obvious, but it works. The dish was invented by Chef Jeremy Langlois, for many years the kitchen boss at the handsome Houmas House Plantation up the river. The dish had become a standard at the plantation, and remains on the menu. It’s served with with a lamb demi-glace, and unless my palate has been fooled it get a taste of mint in there, too. Mint and coffee? That doesn’t sound right, either, but it is. The lamb itself is juicy and rendered crusty around the edges. It’s best, I think, done a little more done than medium-rare.

Carriageway dining room at Houmas House.

Carriageway dining room at Houmas House.

Latil’s Landing. River Parishes: In Houmas House Plantation. 225-473-9380.

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