500BestSquareConfit Of Duck Leg @ Gautreau’s

Gautreau’s menu is ever changing as the ingredients of the seasons change. But I can’t imagine the day will come that they will remove this tidbit. It’s mind-bendingly good–and it’s peculiar, too. Duck as an appetizer? It works. Duck legs are initially cooked in duck fat, making them absurdly tender. That’s done in advance. When you order, the chef gives it a quick pan-broiling in duck fat to crisp up the skin. It gets a quality almost like that of cracklins. The flavor and mouthfeel is a distinctive grabber. No small number of people ask for a double order as an entree. Not to be missed on any visit to this consistently fine Uptown pioneer.

Gautreau’s. Uptown: 1728 Soniat.. 504-899-7397.

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  1. Don Lazarus on December 7, 2015

    Love Gautreaus! This Confit is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in New Orleans.

  2. Don Lazarus on December 7, 2015

    Gautreaus Duck Confit is the best thing I have ever eaten in New Orleans!