500BestSquareCorned Beef Poor Boy @ Parkway Bakery

Corned beef in New Orleans usual boils down to a) a lunch special in an inexpensive neighborhood restaurant; 2) a special in almost every restaurant in town on St. Patrick’s Day; or iii) a sandwich in a deli. The corned beef poor boy at the Parkway Bakery fits none of those categories. It comes from Vienna Beef in Chicago with the two qualities one wants most from a corned beef: leanness and tenderness. The Parkway’s kitchen keeps it tender by steaming it. It winds up on good Leidenheimer’s French bread with Creole mustard and whatever else you want. May I suggest no cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, or mayo?


Parkway Bakery. Mid-City: 538 Hagan Ave. 504-482-3047.

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  1. Donald Lagatree on August 8, 2015

    Locally there’s an establishment, Mustard, that serves only Vienna Beef – tube steaks and pastrami. Great fries, Reuben dog and a Modelo * it’s nap time! Thanks for this site – I love the recipes!