#17: Mussels, Saffron Cream Sauce, Chorizo @ Pardo’s

Pardo’s is the newest five-star restaurant in the area. This dish is an appetizer special there, and worth calling ahead to make sure they’re serving it. I love mussels, but it’s rare that I’ve had a version as good as this. In fact, I can’t think of a better version. The sauce/broth is thick, aromatic with saffron, and spicy with the juices coming from the Spanish chorizo. It’s a little too thick and intense to eat with a spoon, as is my habit. Instead, both my wife and I were going after every swipe with bread. And she doesn’t even like mussels. The fresh-cut fries added to the enjoyment. After two years, this place has become one of the most enjoyable restaurants in the entire area.

Mussels and grilled bread.

Pardo’s. Covington: 69305 Hwy 21. 985-893-3603.

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