500BestSquareCrabmeat Louie @ Clancy’s

Although it seems like a New Orleans dish, this was actually invented a century ago in San Francisco, where it was and still is used as a way to serve cold Dungeness crab. Here, of course, we use jumbo lump crabmeat from blue crabs. The sauce is yet another variation on mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup, with seasonings and green onions. For some reason, it’s always served with a deviled egg on the side, which is also good with the sauce. Clancy’s has a penchant for serving old, nearly-forgotten dishes, and doing them very well. Crabmeat Louie is one of those. It’s not on the menu all the time, but is a great dish this time of year.

Clancy’s. Uptown: 6100 Annunciation. 504-895-1111.

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