500BestSquareCrawfish Beignets @ Cafe B

Crawfish beignets are uncommon but not unknown. That’s probably a good thing. Not many chefs can figure out how to hold morsels of seafood together in a batter that won’t pick up a lot of oil while it’s frying. Chef Chris Montero at Ralph Brennan’s Metairie Road bistro Cafe B has done it. The beignets (which aren’t doughnuts, I’d better say) are uniquely light in weight and texture, and came with a zippy dipping sauce. Five to an order, which is enough for two people.

Crab beignets at Cafe B.

Crab beignets at Cafe B.

Cafe B. Old Metairie: 2700 Metairie Road. 504-934-4700.

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