Crepe Fromage @ Crepes A La Cart

500BestSquareCrepe Fromage @ Crepes A La Cart

This little place near Tulane University is the home base for a unique catering operation: they bring an actual crepe cart to event locations, and make the thin pancakes on the spot, just like on a rue de Paris. They have the crepe-making down: a gossamer-thin crispness on the outside, a slight eggy breadiness in the center. Although crepes can be had filled with a wide array of meats, cheeses, and vegetables (even a poor-boy-style roast beef), the magic is best seen in the simple cheese crepe. You have a choice of four cheeses. I wish Gruyere were one of them, but you can’t have everything. A great snack.

Crepes A La Cart. Uptown: 1039 Broadway. 504-866-2362.

This dish is in NOMenu’s list of the 500 Best Dishes in New Orleans restaurants.

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