DiningDiarySquare-150x150 Monday, October 16, 2017. Shut Out Of Rehearsal. Today was to be the dress rehearsal for the NPAS performances this weekend. When I arrived, there was nobody there. I knoew what this meant: the rehearsal is somewhere other than our usual place. And I had no idea where that was. Probably my fault. Unfortunately, the Northlake Performing Arts Society (a chorus) is rigorous with its rules, one of which is that if even a valued voice (I am not one of those) misses dress rehearsal, he or she can’t be in the performance. This is not a complain about that. The rule has a positive effect by making everyone take the performance seriously. I have learned a great deal about singing by following rules like this rigorously. But I wouldn’t have been able to sing anyway, because the unusual scheduling had the performance in the middle of my radio show, which gets first priority always.

This made for a dull day. MA was out and about. I had already eaten a big lunch (red beans with hot sausage at Abita Roasters. I spend the rest of the day after the show ended by going through 415 email messages. I am now cross-eyed until bedtime.

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