500BestSquareDouble Cut Pork Chop @ Emeril’s

Emeril’s restaurants have always featured a killer pork chop. Its goodness begins with Emeril’s assiduousness in the purchase of first-class ingredients. In this case, the chops come from Niman Ranch, a top producer of naturally-raised meats. The tenderness and flavor are an obvious step up from what you’re used to eating. The thing is cut generously–two bones–and seared on the grill until it picks up some smoke flavor. You can order this one with a blush of pink in the center; it’s perfectly safe, according to USDA rules, and still juicy. Two sauces get slathered and striped (respectively) over it (and the plate around it, in an arresting presentation. The slather is a pale green chile mole, thick and mildly spicy. The stripes are of a tamarind glaze. (Tamarinds are steak sauce on the hoof.) They finish the plate with caramelized sweet potatoes. A hearty plate of food, and the city’s finest pork chop.


Emeril’s. Warehouse District: 800 Tchoupitoulas. 504-528-9393.

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