500BestSquareDouble-Cut Pork Chop @ Nola

The double-cut pork chop–an item absolutely unknown to New Orleans restaurant menus until about ten years ago–has become one of the most popular entrees around town. There are many good ones, and if you think you’ve found the best, by all means keep eating it. But consider the one at Nola, Emeril’s most casual restaurant. Two aspects of it appeal greatly. First, the crusty, Creole-seasoned exterior. Second, the highly reduced, almost sticky pork glace that blend with caramelized onions to make the sauce. I like the garnish, too: Bourbon-flavored sweet potatoes, and shrimp and pecan relish. The best dish in the house, and the best pork chop in town.

Nola. French Quarter: 534 St. Louis. 504-522-6652.

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