500BestSquareDouble-Cut Wood-Grilled Pork Chop @ Muriel’s

As much fuss as we make over the best steaks, a well-prepared pork chop of good pedigree is at least as delectable as even the best sirloin strip. Perhaps even better. The double-cut pork chop at Muriel’s–a fixture there since the place opened, if I remember right–gives good evidence of that. It’s seared over a wood-burning grill, leaving it crusty on the top and the bottom and a blush of pink in the center. It starts with a thick-cut, well-trimmed chop, and heads upward from there. Even at half the price of a steak of the same size and trim, I find myself enjoying the likes of this more often than I do beef steaks.

Muriel's wood-grilled pork chop.

Muriel’s wood-grilled pork chop.

FleurDeLis-4-SmallMuriel’s. French Quarter: 801 Chartres. 504-568-1885.

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