Carnegie Hall is the hub of American musical excellence. Although the brightest lights glowed there for decades, few people so much as have met a musician privileged enough to have performed in this Manhattan center of artistry.

But we do! On February 27 the Eat Club will travel to New York City to hear the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in a one-night-only performance at Carnegie Hall. And we do know a few members of the LPO–notably my friend and second-chair cellist Daniel Lelchuk.

Daniel is a personal and professional friend of mine. He has guest-hosted my radio show on WWL Radio a few times over the years. We call him “The Gourmet Cellist,” and with good reason. He’s as adept at cooking and dining as he is in his musicianship.

The LPO’s performance at Carnegie Hall has a lot of New Orleanians considering making the trip to the Big Apple. I am one of them, along with my wife Mary Ann and friends from our many past dinners and cruises. One of those friends is The Gourmet Cellist himself. He spends a lot of time in New York, and knows more and better restaurants than I do.

That being the case, the Carnegie Hall concert also gives us an alluring excuse to visit New York for a few days. He knows his way around New York eateries. We’ll gether for dinner at least a couple of times. (We’d do more, but one thing I’ve learned from organizing twenty-five or more cruises that getting everybody interested in the same attractions is unlikely.)

On the other hand, our hotel maven–Mary Ann–has found a great one: the new, luxurious Viceroy Hotel, a few steps from Carnegie Hall. We will stay there for four nights–February 24-28.)

The finishing touch is this: I plan to take the train on my way back. But we can talk about that after you sign up for the other parts of this winter alluring vacation.

Tour Package includes. . .

1. Round-trip airfare New Orleans/New York
2. Round-trip transfers from airport to the hotel
3. Four nights at the Viceroy Hotel
4. Ticket to the LPO performance at Carnegie Hall, Tuesday, February 27, 2018. Parquet Left. (Daniel, who will be up there on the stage, says that these are terrific tickets.)

Fares, Fees, And Reservations

The per-person price is: $1588.86, double occupancy. A $200 per-person deposit is due at the time of booking. Final payment due on/before December 15th, 2017. For information or reservations call Debbie Himbert at DH Travel & Cruises:


Or email to

Please feel free to write me at the New York trip: Or call me on the radio Food Show, on the air weekday afternoons (3-5 p.m. @ 260-6368).