Flames Among The Bubbles?


I have an odd question. I’m curious about the flash point of Champagne. I have googled it many different ways but haven’t come across a solid answer. I make specialty flavored brittles and candies using the beer, and would like to try making some with Champagne. I would assume the alcohol pretty much boils out like with the beer, but I just want to be sure that I wouldn’t have a flash point issue with the Champagne once I get past the boiling point.

My ingredients boil well past 220 degrees F. It sometimes takes 5-8 minutes to get the temp past 230f. Am I correct in assuming that the danger of the flash point lies with the alcohol content? And that the alcohol would pretty much be boiled out before I reach 220 F?

A. Except for fortified wines like port or sherry, you have to work really hard to get wine to catch fire. So it’s something to be aware of, but not a big deal. Champagnes typically have lower alcohol than table wines. And the presence of carbon dioxide in the bubbles make it even less likely that it will flame up. Two minutes of moderate boiling will do the trick. Flames are unlikely, but not impossible.

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