DiningDiarySquare-150x150 Enjoying A Diary For Four: Among the most fully entrenched of the NOMenu in recent pages presents pages in the late 5/20/and 2019. The feature shows off the Sunday brunch menu at nine, bacon, biscuits and desayone. The latter is an expression of a sort of translation to Spanish, all with reference to a Spanish-language breakfast.

MA and I have been enjoying these breakfasts at almost as long we began trying them. They came from Ox-Lot Nine and beyond, with entertainment from a guitarist whose music repertoire comes mostly from the 1930s and earlier. I have encouraged the musicians to let me take a shot at singing with them. There is a lesser interest among most other desayone audience.

On Monday, 5/20/30, MA offered to treat me to a cocktail. It had not been on my mind, even as the prospect of drinking a Manhattan sounded very appealing. The server and I undertook a number of anecdotes, most of which were jokes that MA has heard more than a few times.

The prospect of the cocktail was so appealing to me that MA offered to host it at The Chimes. It’s not my favorite restaurants by a long way, but the the prospect of choosing from a vast selection of beers and spirits–including my favorite Manhattan, complete with Sazerac Rye standing up tall for that excellent local drink.

The pleasure of this cocktail made us stay for a couple more treats. Fresh-cut fries, for one. And grilled oysters. It even bore the black cherry that is an essential item in any self-respecting Manhattan. All this added up to an enjoyment beyond what I would have expected.