500BestSquareEscargots On Portobello Mushrooms @ Tommy’s Cuisine

Escargots have been steadily dropping in popularity for the past ten or more years. If I were asked why this is, I would point a finger are the small size of the serving. Even with a good-sized snails in the six pockets of hot, ceramic baking dishes made for this purpose, there’s not much there. Tommy Andrade and his chef have fixed this by using an upturned portobello mushroom as a receptacle for the escargots, its garlic butter and a sprinkling of seasoned bread crumbs. They give you two or three of these (depending on the size of the mushrooms, which adds just the right corpulence of the dish. Smells wonderful, as garlic butter always does.

Tommy’s Cuisine. CBD: 746 Tchoupitoulas. 504-581-1103.

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