Fried Chicken @ Sal and Judy’s

500BestSquareFried Chicken @ Sal and Judy’s

The great New Orleans-Italian restaurant in Lacombe may seem an unlikely entrant on a list of the best fried chicken in town, but there it is. It’s a half-chicken cut up into the traditional four pieces, fried to order to a crisp, greaseless darker-than-golden brown. It’s seasoned exactly the way thinking about it would conjure up, and just plain good. They even have fresh-cut fries to go with it. Although this is perceived as an upscale restaurant, the price of the chicken is like what you’d expect to pay in a neighborhood joint. All you have to do is get into the place. Reservations are essential.

Sal and Judy’s. Lacombe: 27491 Highway 190. 985-882-9443.

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  1. John on February 19, 2014

    What’s the best night to go there?