500BestSquareFried Onion Rings @ Charlie’s Steak House

The fried onion rings found in restaurants are of two kinds. You have the very thick ones, made with only the biggest, most perfect layers of the onion. Nothing from near the poles or the interior of the onion. They’re carefully coated with a batter and sometimes a complex herb and spice mix, and fried even more carefully.

CharliesSteak-OnionRings-2-Fried onion rings made that way are good. But not as good as the very thin rings you find at Charlie’s Steak House. There they use the whole onion, with the lightest of coatings. They come by the tall pile–enough that one person will not likely be able to consume an entire order. Yet, the most interesting characteristic of Charlie’s onion rings is their lightness, allowing one to consume more of them than one would have thought. Another striking truth: they are and always have been the city’s best.

Charlie’s Steak House. Uptown: 4510 Dryades. 504-895-9705.

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