500BestSquareFried Onion Rings @ Fury’s

Honestly, it mystifies me why restaurants slice onions an inch or more thick for the frying of them as rings. Actually–no mystery at all here. The big ones look better. But a nest, pile, or loaf of the thin-fried kind are much better. A restaurant that’s always sent these out with elan is the tiny Fury’s, across the highway from Dorignac’s. The rings are fried to order (like everything else here), and are always hot and greaseless. And the batter doesn’t slide off to reveal naked onion, the way they do when sliced thick.

Fury’s. Metairie: 724 Martin Behrman Ave. 504-834-5646.

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  1. Gayle on April 27, 2015

    Fury’s onion rings melt in your mouth. They are by far my favorite!