500BestSquareGalatoire Grand Gouté @ Galatoire’s

This is a combination of three familiar cold appetizers, all of which are good to make it on this list on their own. The crabmeat maison (a dish other restaurants call crabmeat ravigote) is jumbo lump crabmeat touched with a very light mayonnaise flavored with a touch of mustard, capers, and lemon. The sauce is minimal, the crabmeat almost as good as it gets. (It would be better if it were always unpasteurized, but they run through so much crabmeat here that it’s a logistical problem.) The second part of the trio is shrimp remoulade, second only to Arnaud’s, tangy, spicy, and involving Louisiana shrimp of unimpeachable merit. The third item on this platter varies with the season. Winter and spring, it’s crawfish with a mustardy variation of the sauce on the crabmeat. Shrimp pinch-hits when the mudbugs are gone. A great nibble with cocktails. The Grand Goute take this one step farther by adding the delicious oysters en brochette to the platter.


Galatoire’s. French Quarter: 209 Bourbon. 504-525-2021.

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