500BestSquareGarlic Soft Shell Crab @ Banana Blossom

This hip little Thai restaurant on the West Bank has a menu full of originals. This one applies a fried, cut-up soft-shell crab to the Thai stir-fry referred to on Thai menus as “Thai garlic.” It’s a savory sauce with not as much garlic as the name implies, but with enough other savory vegetables to make for a big flavor with light textures and the freshness of the fresh herbs. Also good here is the same crab with red curry, bamboo shoots, and coconut milk, a bit richer.

Banana Blossom. Gretna: 2112 Belle Chasse Hwy. 504-392-7530.

This dish is ranked in NOMenu’s list of the 500 best dishes in New Orleans restaurants. For the list of all 500, click here.

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