500BestSquareGaucho Plate @ La Boca

This is the appetizer sampler at Chef Adolfo Garcia’s Argentine-style steakhouse, and gives a great taste of what this place is all about. It’s big enough for two people (or perhaps three). It’s also substantial enough for an entree. Half of it is down-to-earth: skewers o grilled beef, a beef empanada (the Spanish meat pie). The other half is more exotic, with spicy chorizo and grilled veal sweetbreads. The latter comes out so good I wonder why more chefs haven’t tried it. This plate, a glass of Malbec, and an order of the fresh-cut fries gets a meal off to a flying start.

La Boca. Warehouse District & Center City: 870 Tchoupitoulas. 504-525-8205.

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