500BestSquareGuacamole @ Sun Ray Grill

For a few years, the SunRay Grill would, on request, roll up a cart next to your table and make guacamole fresh, right in front of you. That is not merely an affectation. Avocados are notorious for losing their fresh flavors as soon as the skin and the seed are removed. Alas, Sun Ray doesn’t offer that service anymore. They do, however, make the guacamole several times a day with Hass avocados at the peak of ripeness. Theirs is a good recipe, too. (Or else we wouldn’t be talking about it.)


Let’s note that the original Gretna location of the Sun Ray Grill, under its new owner/chef, is the only one extant, and as good as ever. The ones in Old Metairie and the Warehouse District are history now.

Sun Ray Grill. Gretna: 2600 Belle Chasse Hwy. 504-391-0053.

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