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The past few years in eating have been marked by an almost insane rush to open new, high-end hamburger stands. However, this has gone a long way toward improving the national dish. Among the claimants to the title Best Burger In New Orleans, Lüke is among the most credible. And at $16.50, it had better be. It’s a classy piece of work. John Besh’s cooks have been instructed to make the hand-made ground beef patties crusty and juicy. If you like bacon on a burger (I don’t), it will be Allen Benton’s bacon, which is as good as bacon gets. The fries that come are hand-cut in house. Grilled onions are a free option. Even the bun is unusually good. The place looks like a French bistro, but the burger is All-American.

Lüke. CBD: 333 St Charles Ave. 504-378-2840.

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  1. Jim Hebert on May 26, 2014

    I work at the ww2 museum . I heard today that John Besh will not be associated with the America Sector restaurant anymore. Do you know about this . It was said that Superdome caters will take it over!!