La Petite Grocery. Uptown: 4238 Magazine. 504-891-3377. FleurDeLis-5-Large
Average check per person $45-$55
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La Petite Grocery

Uptown 2: Washington To Napoleon: 4238 Magazine. 504-891-3377. Map.
Nice Casual.


One of the two or three brightest lights on the brilliant Magazine Street restaurant row, the Grocery has matured into a reliable, comfortable, sophisticated bistro. Behind the illusion of French technique are first-class local groceries, and the originality and fluidity that keeps things interesting. La Petite Grocery was the last vestige of the old Peristyle dining experience, but it has moved on to establish its own style.

The menu is full of rarely-seen dishes (steak tartare and fish courtbouillon, to name two) and unusual ingredients (octopus and pork cheeks). But I think even a shy diner will find the menu very appealing. Even the cheeseburger here–which seems out of place given the rest of the dinner selections–is worth eating. While presentation takes a back seat to goodness, every dish here is an eyeful.


This building formerly housed Von Der Haar’s Grocery, one of the great gourmet food emporiums in the middle of the last century. The restaurant opened in 2004 under the management of Anton and Diane Schulte, who left in 2006 to open Bistro Daisy. Chef Justin Devillier, who has been there since the beginning, took over the kitchen in 2007. He has since bought the restaurant, insuring a bright future. His wife Mia manages the dining room.

One big room under a high, pressed-tin ceiling is subdivided by low walls into a mix of intimate spaces and one larger dining room. Banquettes are along one wall. Sidewalk tables were recently added. The best tables are those in front of the bar, separated from the rest of the place by a divider with a mirror that provides occasionally sexy moments. The service staff is well-versed and polite. And the background jazz is muted, making this a rare quiet dining venue.


Baked crabmeat, brie and chives
»Baby octopus ceviche
»Lobster beignets, spicy remoulade
»Seared sheeps’ milk cheese, pork cheeks
Tagliatelle pasta with shrimp and field peas
»Potato gnocchi, bacon, parmesan, crème fraiche
»Steak tartare, red wine mustard, quail egg
Root beer-braised beef short ribs
Pan fried crab cake, salsa verde
»Chilled roasted beets, pickled onions, crawfish
Iceberg wedge, fried oysters, bacon, crème fraiche dressing
Soup of the day
»Roast chicken, savory bread pudding, truffled mushroom gravy
»Grilled beef tenderloin, potato gratin, roasted shallot demi-glace
Shrimp and grits, shiitake mushrooms, bacon and thyme
»Hand-made spaghetti, charred tomatoes, crabmeat, saffron butter
Grilled hanger steak, roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized onions
»Risotto with rapini, Parmigiano Reggiano, soft boiled egg
»Market fish courtboullion, crab beignet, popcorn rice
»Panneed rabbit, wilted spinach, spaetzle, brown butter
»Gruyere cheeseburger, house-made pickles, onion marmalade
»Braised lamb shank, spaetzle and lemon caper brown butter
»Smothered greens
»Hand-cut fries
»Sauteed spinach
Popcorn rice
»Dark chocolate pudding
»Vanilla bean crème brulee
»Warm s’mores tart
»Caramel bread pudding
Roasted apples and caramel sauce
Goat cheese mousse
Marinated local fruit

Start at the bar. They make good drinks, including classic absinthe.

Tables along the two rows of windows are so apart from the rest of the restaurant that they feel Siberian. The single door separating the dining room from wintry blasts is not enough to do so.


Up to three points, positive or negative, for these characteristics. Absence of points denotes average performance in the matter.

  • Dining Environment +2
  • Consistency +2
  • Service+2
  • Value +1
  • Attitude
  • Wine & Bar +1
  • Hipness +2
  • Local Color +2




  • Sidewalk tables
  • Romantic
  • Good for business meetings
  • Easy, nearby parking
  • Reservations honored promptly

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  1. Linda Newell on May 9, 2014

    Tom, how can you give five stars to a restaurant that “is not brilliant,” but only “good enough”?

    • Tom Fitzmorris on May 9, 2014

      Thanks for letting me know about that. The “Anecdotes & Analysis” part of the reviews, from which you got that comment, is made for one-shot use in my CityBusiness column, and aren’t always right for the website. In other words, that shouldn’t have been there, because it’s about five years old. I have stricken it from the review.

      Tastefully yours,
      Tom Fitzmorris

  2. Jaime Maxwell on October 16, 2015

    Parents & I go to brunch every Sunday. Hardly repeating any restaurant twice, they were MOST delighted with their experience here at LePetit Grocery. The food was wonderful,prepare to perfection: mom’s beef tenderloin & scrambled eggs, my crab beignets wow! Even Dad’s eggs over easy were perfect with something special-grits creamy , hot bread on the table. Cheerful waitstaff bustling about smiling and busy. love this place !

  3. Paul J on January 5, 2016

    Execution is everything, and they do it at La Petite Grocery. Great cocktails, beautiful (and inexpensive) Nebbiolo, great bread, and the rest of the package. Lives up to the hype. Try it and enjoy.

  4. WadeP on February 11, 2016

    We are headed there for our pre-Valentine’s meal on 2/13. What are some Can’t Miss items? Also, I’m not a huge alcohol consumer, but I’m open to trying something creative and flavorful. Recommendations? Or, should I ask a bartender to whip up something based on preferences I give him/her? I’m sure they’re artists in their own right, and can create something delicious, but not overpowering, true?