500BestSquareLasagna @ Katie’s

Through most of recorded history, lasagna was made in a large baking dish, the better for the sheets of pasta, layers and cheese and meat, and flowing tomato sauce to bake to lusciousness. The problem with this for restaurants is that a large number of orders must be made at one time, and held until an order for lasagna comes in. Katie’s got around this by buying small casseroles (or large ramekins–they’re about the size of soufflee dishes). The standards lasagna ingredients are stacked in it, and not baked until ordered. Because of the small size, these can be baked to order, coming out rich and bubbly and nicely encrusted at the top layer.


Katie’s. Mid-City: 3701 Iberville. 504-488-6582.

This is among the 500 best dishes in New Orleans area restaurants. Click here for a list of the other 499.

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