Mint Julep

The mint julep is considered a cliché Old South drink by some. But a good one is about as refreshing a cocktail as ever slaked a midsummer night’s thirst. It’s best

Mint julep served in traditional stainless steel cups.

served in the classic metal cups, which get frosty on the outside if you made it right. I use those great small-batch Bourbons to make this, since Bourbon is such a big part of it. Either that or Maker’s Mark.

  • About 20 fresh mint leaves, plus more sprigs for garnish, washed gently in gold water
  • 8 oz. simple syrup (see recipe)
  • 8 oz. Bourbon whiskey
  • Crushed ice

1. Put the mint leaves in a cocktail shaker with the simple syrup. Crush the leaves with a “muddler,” a blunt-end wooden stick (the back end of a honey server works perfectly).

2. Add the Bourbon, and fill the shaker with crushed ice. Put the top on the shaker and shake vigorously until the outside is frosty.

Strain the juleps into four old-fashioned glasses (or silver julep cups) filled about three-fourths full with crushed ice. Add a sprig of mint.

Serves four.

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