500BestSquareMonterrey Fajitas @ La Carreta

The word “fajitas” refers to the fringe of a woman’s skirt. So, obviously, is skirt steak named. When fajitas hit Tex-Mex restaurants in the early 1970s, it was routinely made with skirt steak. But it became so popular so fast that the price of that beef cut shot up. A lot of restaurants began using other cuts of beef, and hoped that the sizzling onions and peppers would distract from this change. In 2011, La Carreta–a local chain headquartered in Hammond–added what they called “Monterrey fajitas” to their menu, using authentic skirt steak, marinated and hot off the grill. It’s the best fajitas in these parts.

Carne asada at La Carreta.

Carne asada at La Carreta.

FleurDeLis-3-SmallLa Carreta. Mandeville: 1200 W Causeway Approach. 985-624-2990.

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