500BestSquareMoo-Shu Vegetables @ Trey Yuen

Moo-shu pork is a famous Mandarin dish whose fanciness and unique style of serving are at least matched by its deliciousness. Pork, eggs flowers, matchsticks of various savory vegetables, and exotic mushrooms all come together in a thick sauce. You spoon all that into a “pancake” (it’s more like a thin flour tortilla), roll it up, and eat with your fingers. It’s sort of a Chinese burrito. It’s so well-liked that lots of customers asked to have the same dish with chicken or beef. It was inevitable that someone would want moo-shu with just vegetables. When that happened, the Wong brothers just whipped it up and sent it out. It may be the best moo-shu of them all, the meat’s absence made up for with more vegetables and more mushrooms, in several varieties.

Moo-shu vegetables at Trey Yuen.

Trey Yuen. Mandeville: 600 Causeway Blvd. 985-626-4476.

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