500BestSquareOysters Bienville @ Keith Young’s Steak House

Ask any two chefs for their recipes for oysters Bienville, and you’ll get two different answers. It’s well known that shrimp, mushrooms, a light roux, and a little bit of cheese is in there. Less well recognized is the magic ingredient: bacon. You want see it unless you look with a magnifying glass, and if you’re not paying close attention you won’t taste it, either. But bacon is essential. There’s bacon in the Bienvilles that Keith Young makes. I know, because he told me his version is based on my recipe, and I use bacon. (Okay. Take a point or two off my appreciation of this dish because of the connection.)


Keith Young’s Steak House. Madisonville: 165 LA 21. 985-845-9940.

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