500BestSquareOysters Italian Style @ Mosca’s

It’s an automatic order at the great old Italian roadhouse on Highway 90. You know you’re going to have some variation on the marinated crab, some pasta bordelaise, and chicken one way or another. And oysters, Italian style. That’s the name of the dish at Mosca’s and always has been. But when it began to be imitated elsewhere around town the name oysters Mosca stuck. (That’s actually a registered trademark established by Chef Nick Mosca, so it shouldn’t be.)


Mosca’s version is unique, as originals tend to be. It’s made with a pile of bread crumbs, lots of garlic and oregano, Parmesan cheese, olive oil. . . and I could swear I taste something like the fat from Italian sausage, although they say no such thing is in there. They bake a some two dozen oysters under that pile, and they come out irresistibly aromatic and good. One order is too much even for an oyster lover like me, as are all the other entrees at Mosca’s.

Mosca’s. Westwego: 4137 U.S. 90. 504-436-9942.

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