500BestSquareOysters With Fennel And Herbsaint @ Bistro Daisy

The oysters are poached instead of fried or baked, and they’re sent out in a soupy sauce of their own liquor with fresh spinach, fennel, garlic, and bacon. A splash of the anise-flavored liqueur Herbsaint emphasized the fennel. Although most of that is present in many versions of oysters Rockefeller, this dish doesn’t have that flavor, and sure doesn’t look anything like it. What comes out is nearly a soup, reminiscent of the way mussels are served, but without the shells. After the oysters and vegetables are gone, you will need a spoon, or at least some bread so the juicy part isn’t left behind. A great appetizer in this fine gourmet bistro.

Bistro Daisy. Uptown: 5831 Magazine. 504-899-6987.

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