500BestSquarePad Prik King @ Thailicious

This is an exceptionally good, thick-soupy stir-fry of meat (pork is the classic, but you can have it with chicken, beef, etc.) with green beans, bell pepper, carrots, cucumbers, and red curry. It sounds like many other Thai dishes, but has a unique flavor I think comes from ginger. There’s also a little muskiness (I know that’s an unappealing word, but it’s the one that fits) that I find alluring. Pad (or paht) prik king (or khing) is on many Thai menus, but this version sets the standard. The restaurant is spartan, but Chef Cathy cooks at the highest levels of Thai flavors. One more thing: this is one of many excellent Thai restaurants on the North Shore, perhaps more than can be found on the South Shore.

Pad prik king at Thailicious in Slidell.

Pad prik king at Thailicious in Slidell.

Thailicious. Slidell: 2165 Gause Blvd W. 985-649-8900.

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